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  • Lisa Shaheen

Stress Is Not Your Friend

I recently became a Certified HeartMath Trainer and I can honestly say, it has changed my life. We all live with stress. To relieve our stress, we may exercise, take yoga, meditate or take a hot bath. What HeartMath teaches us is how to reduce our stress quickly, anywhere and anytime. Whether we are sitting in traffic, dealing with an upset toddler, facing a difficult day at work or arguing with our spouse, stress is a fact of life. All these emotions we experience throughout the day drain our energy and leave us depleted. The HeartMath training taught me how to plug those holes that drain me throughout the day and replace them with renewing emotions that energize me.

Consider this typical scenario:

You wake up at 5 am, turn on the coffee, throw in a load of laundry, and then jump in the shower. While you are showering you think of something you need to tell your assistant when you get into the office, run through your to-do list and try to come up with something for dinner.

Once you are dressed, you check your email and see that your boss has made edits to a presentation you are showing to a new client today. As you turn on your phone you learn that your assistant is sick and won't be coming to work. Your pulse starts to race as you think of all the extra work you now need to do before your presentation.

Now you wake the kids, and begin prepping breakfast. Your 4 year old daughter does not want to wear the outfit you laid out for her and has a temper tantrum on the kitchen floor. In the mean time, your teenage daughter tells you that she has a speech due tomorrow and needs a variety of display items for her presentation, and could you please get them for her.

Now you finally get everyone in the car and your son screams out that he has forgotten his trumpet and that he is staying late for soccer practice and needs a ride home. You quickly call your husband and he agrees to bring in the trumpet. You will deal with the pick-up later.

You drop the children at school and get back in your is only 8am. How do you feel? Drained? Frustrated? Anxious? You still have to drive 40 mins in traffic to get to work and you already know what awaits you when you get there.

We all have days like this one. Imagine that you had a paper cup filled with water when you wake up, and every little stress you encountered pierced a small hole in the cup. The water started leaking out....just like your energy level. If this leaking continues throughout the day you will have no water left in her cup by 5pm. You will be completely drained.

HeartMath teaches you how to stop those leaks throughout your day so that you are energized and refreshed. Simple, easy to learn and implement techniques help you to reduce your stress level and get you back to a calm and productive state.

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