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  • Lisa Shaheen

Essential Oils That Calm & De-Stress

Young Living Essential Oils provide me with the tools I need to stay centered, reinvigorate me and keep my body in optimal health. Every day I apply Young Living oils to my body for a variety of reasons. If I am feeling a little congested, I reach for RC or Raven to help clear my sinuses. Whenever my children were a little restless at bedtime, a spritz of filtered water and lavender on their pillow helps them settle down to sleep! Whatever your feeling right now, tired, stressed, overwhelmed, Young Living Essential Oils provide a solution.

You may be wondering what aroma therapy is and how does it effect our body . The short answer is this: When an odor molecule is inhaled into the nose, a signal is sent to the brain to a place responsible for storing and releasing emotional trauma and then the impulse goes to the memory center of the brain and to the limbic system. The limbic system is responsible for key functions such as emotions, memories and arousal. Furthermore, the limbic system releases hormones that control water levels in the body, sleep cycles, body temperature and food intake.

Think about when you walk into a friend's home and smell the aroma of fresh baked bread. What kind of emotions does that release for you? Your sense of smell creates a whirlwind in your limbic system.

To learn more about essential oils and how they can become part of your health journey please contact me at

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