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My Story


My health journey began at my birth.  I was born with a congenital heart defect called "Tetralogy of Fallot". You would have looked at me and thought I was a healthy baby... except that my lips and fingernail beds had a  slightly blue twinge to them.    


At the time, open heart surgery was not performed as regularly as it is today, so my parents decided to wait as long a possible before a surgery was scheduled.  I underwent open heart surgery at the age of 9. I am so grateful for the care I received, so many years ago, at the Boston Children's Hospital.


During my younger years, my amazing mother knew instinctively that I needed to eat only the most nutritious food she could find.  Being of Italian and Lebanese heritage, that was not a difficult task.  We always ate a true Mediterranean Diet. Hummus and lentils were staples in our home, along with a variety of vegetables prepared in delicious ways.  You can find many of my family recipes on my recipe page! 


I believe this lifestyle, along with my mother's aversion to anything with sugar, is one of the reasons I am a healthy, thriving adult.


I am passionate about researching safe products that we put on our bodies, learning about foods that heal and nurture our bodies,  and using essential oils for optimal health.


I am a testament to anyone who has heart issues, that you can lead a full, active and vibrant life.  All you have to do is pay attention to your diet, stay active, and practice mindfulness. 


To Your Health!


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