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Introduction to HeartMath

Tuesdays starting, April 22th

9:00 am

Via Zoom

HeartMath is a practice of connecting the heart, mind and emotions to reset the nervous system and unleash the intellectual and creative process of the individual.

Are you feeling drained, fatigued, and stressed out during this period of uncertainty? HeartMath will train you to create the peace and balance you need to function at the best of your ability.  


Are your children experiencing stress from being kept inside all day, and are they struggling with their virtual classes? HeartMath is a simple but powerful tool that the whole family can learn.  


As a certified HeartMath Trainer, I will teach you some unique stress management techniques that will help you and your family get through this pandemic and beyond.


Please come join me for an introductory session every Tuesday morning at 9:00 am to set your foundation for the day.  

To register please email me at

Resilience Advantage


In this six-hour Resilience Advantage Workshop you will learn practical tools and strategies to strengthen your resiliency and improve your decision-making.  Woven around concepts of science, reflective activities and practical strategies and application, I present a number of innovative ideas and approaches in an easy-to-understand format that will genuinely motivate you to make deep and meaningful changes in your life. In addition, I dedicate a significant amount of time for practical application of these tools and techniques in a fun, engaging, experiential format that will leave you feeling uplifted and more empowered.

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Saturday, January 12th - The Power Masterclass


Call (561) 740-2340 for tickets

Reserve your seat now for a $100 savings

Now $197!


One Day Masterclass featuring expert presenters empowering you to manifest your best life! 

  • Learn how The Power of the Vision Map will help you clarify what you truly want for your life and how to achieve it.

  • Set your new year up for Revolutionary Success!

  • Learn Somato-respiratory integration and how it helps your healing stages progress

  • Unleash the power of HeartMath to lower stress and achieve creative breakthroughs.

  • Learn a basic HeartMath technique called “Coherence" by connecting your heart, your mind and your emotions.

  • Learn how by adding Essential Oils to your HeartMath experience you can elevate your emotions and produce an elevated coherence level.

  • See Real-Time Feedback of the Power of HeartMath!

Virtual HeartMath Training

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