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  • Lisa Shaheen

Start Your Day With A "Brainy Breakfast"

You mother was right all along - breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Yet when you are in a hurry in the morning, or sleepy and just want to reach for that cup of coffee to get you started, you will most likely skip or skimp on breakfast.

After 8 hours of rest your body is in need of hydration and food. Skipping breakfast is not helping your brain or you mood.

There are three benefits of eating a nutritious breakfast:

1) Breakfast builds a brighter brain. Research show that when you begin the day with a healthy breakfast you armor alert and productive at work and school.

2) Breakfast promotes better mood an behavior. Both adults and children can be faced with controlling their emotions and actions. If you are hungry, your mood swings may be greater. A nutritious breakfast steadies your blood sugar so you can better control your moods.

3) Eating breakfast helps control weight. Yes, you can stay lean by eating breakfast. In fact, if you skip breakfast you are more likely to indulge in junk-food later in the day.

Her are 10 Brainy Breakfast Suggestions:

*Veggie omelet with slice of whole wheat or rye toast

*Two Boiled eggs, slice of lean meat and whole wheat toast

*Nut butter on apple slices glass of almond milk

*Fruit parfait with plain greek yogurt and drizzle of honey

*Juice Plus Complete Smoothie

*Bowl of oatmeal with fresh fruit, glass of orange juice and coffee

*Nut butter and banana slices on a whole wheat English Muffin and coffee

*Scrambled eggs with fresh chives, whole wheat toast and orange juice

*Avocado on whole wheat toast with sliced strawberries and blueberries on top

*Last night's leftovers

The right balance of complex carbohydrates and proteins both stimulates and relaxes the brain for optimal performance.

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