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"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food"

Meet Lisa


Welcome! I am a Certified Health Coach with the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute and a Certified HeartMath Trainer. My passion is helping others achieve optimal health and vitality.  

Is this the year you are going to make some positive changes? If so, you have come to the right place.  We will work together to craft a new plan that will get you on the road to wellness.  

By focusing on the four areas of: Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude and Nutrition - you can achieve your desired results.

Come along for the journey!

And please follow me on Twitter @Lisa_Shaheen

Recipes & Tips 


I love to cook but I like recipes that are quick and easy.  I will share my favorites with you here, and I welcome your feedback.  

As the mother of two active teenagers, preparing nutritious meals every night can become a challenge.  I have come up with some creative ways to save you time and energy - leaving you with more time to spend with your family.  

HeartMath Workshops

HeartMath is a science-based practice designed to get your heart, your brain and your emotions in sync. These simple yet powerful techniques help to reset the body’s stress response to one that is more balanced and revitalizing.

In HeartMath, the goal is to get into a state of "coherence". When in coherence, stress and anxiety levels are reduced making way for improved performance, clearer thinking, better decision making and improved health.


A lot of daily stress is created by ongoing attitudes, such as recurring feelings of worry, anxiety, anger, and sadness. These emotions are known to drain emotional energy. It is our emotions—more than our thoughts alone—that activate physical changes that make up the “stress response.” Painful emotions trigger stress hormones that cause many harmful effects on the brain and body. 


We all experience stress. How do you relieve your stress? Are you interested in learning some simple tools that can help you feel calmer, happier and more fulfilled?

Visit for more info and then sign up for a workshop to see how you can benefit you!

"It Starts In Your Heart"

Family & Group Wellness Coaching and Safe Product Recommendations


I host a variety of Wellness Coaching sessions for individuals and groups.  I also work with families with young children.  

Here is a typical scenario.  You go to your doctor for your annual physical and your blood pressure may be elevated, your cholesterol is a bit high and you are a bit overweight...sound familiar?

Then the doctor tells you to go home, eat better, exercise and lose some weight.  Where so you start? That is where I am here to help!

Many people feel stuck and don't know where to begin.  I will help you take the first steps on your journey.  

I am a stickler for knowing what is going INTO my body and what goes ON my body!  That is why I will show you what my extensive research has found and what products are the safest around.

Come take a look!

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